The Best In The Business

Tom King, Founder and President
Russ Lang, Quality Assurance Manager
Bill Rebh, Engineering Manager
Mike Vitols, General Manager
Michael Wahl, Principal and Sales

Tom King,Jr.
Founder & President

Tom King, Jr. brings more than 45 years of experience in a broad range of aspects of production engineering in the plastics field to ThermoFab. From shop floor to high-level planning and reinvention, Tom’s experience and knowledge make him a strong and highly effective leader in his role as company president. Led by Tom’s dogged pursuit of perfection and his ability to lead with facts instead of emotion, ThermoFab continues to be a strong and vibrant company

Before founding ThermoFab in 1976, Tom worked as an engineering assistant at Metallurgy, a mid-sized nuclear metals company, and as a plant manager at Sharpe Plastics, a small local plastics company. With over 30 years of time and energy invested in ThermoFab, Tom has been a steady force at the helm as he embraces change and consistently looks for ways to enhance ThermoFab’s products, processes and services.

Tom is committed to his professional aspirations but always looking toward the next step. He attended night school at Northeastern University for eight years. The year Tom was finishing up a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he started ThermoFab and has been there since.

A well known leader in the field, Tom recently was elected by his peers as Chairman of the Thermoforming Institute.

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Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl’s even-keeled leadership has helped transform ThermoFab into the medical and life science enclosure industry leader it is today. With more than 30 years as an owner and principal, Michael has seen ThermoFab through refinement of manufacturing highly critical plastic enclosures using proprietary processes. He continues to enjoy ThermoFab’s role in bringing new laser, diagnostic and operating room products to new and evolving medical markets

With a strong industrial manufacturing and medical product design background, Michael has focused his attention to customer’s product and service needs over the last 25 years of global sales. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He is a member of the Industrial Society of America (ISDA). The Society of the Plastic Industry (SPI) and Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council. He has led several IDSA seminars and has been published in Product Design and Development and Advanced Materials & Processes magazine. For more information contact Michael at 888-494-9777 or email him at

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Mike Vitols
General Manager

Mike Vitols’ performance under pressure as a general manager at ThermoFab has been instrumental in making the company the industry leader it is today. Because of Mike’s unique ability to channel the efforts of a diverse range of people toward a common goal, ThermoFab has risen to meet the needs of its customers in a challenging time in the manufacturing industry.

Under Mike’s leadership, ThermoFab has achieved more than a 95% on-time shipping rate over the past two years without adding new staff. With such accomplishments, ThermoFab can continue to take on new customers and increase profits.

Mike has spent his entire working life in the metal working and plastics industries. Before joining ThermoFab in 1983, Mike was the lead set-up person at Mayfield Plastics. He also worked as a detail draftsman at Caramar Corporation drawing blueprints for turbines and scrubber towers to purge inert gasses from unloading oil tankers. Prior to that, he apprenticed at American Fabrication Corp as a heavy gage metal fabricator.

Mike attended Worcester Industrial Technical Institute to study mechanic tool design and drafting, and Central New England College for mechanical engineering. He also earned a certificate in Quality Management for Small Business from The Quality College. He has trained in several other areas including lean manufacturing principles, visual manufacturing, DBR theories and methodologies, and CNC programming.

ThermoFab has honored Mike with awards for outstanding achievement and length of service. Mike has been a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and was quoted in Product Design & Development magazine in an article about ThermoFab’s complicated heart laser project.

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Russ Lang
Quality Assurance Manager

Russ Lang’s logical and diplomatic nature brings a strong but temperate force to ThermoFab that has helped the company grow and improve while delivering top-rate client service. As the go-to person for problem-solving, Russ’ famous logic helps his customers and fellow employees succeed in a competitive environment. With his combination of manufacturing, information technology and engineering skills, Russ understands that quality is the result of all aspects of an organization working in concert with its customers. He takes managing quality assurance to a new level at ThermoFab.

Russ is a forward thinking man who never stops learning from his job and his customers. His open nature brought a sophisticated understanding of product management in a previous job at Helix Technology, where he was responsible for lifecycle management implementation. There he cut product development time in half.

At Smith & Nephew, Russ served as Network Administrator and developed an automated document control system. He successfully improved design re-use and reduced design errors. While working as the Manufacturing Systems Engineer at Digital Equipment, Russ introduced 3D solid model design and analysis to the hardware development process and cut the product prototype cycle by 75 percent.

As part of his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Russ demonstrated the use of solid model programming to design and program a robotic assembly workstation. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona.

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Bill Rebh
Engineering Manager

Bill Rebh is a true engineering expert, but that’s only the half of it. His diverse engineering background and experience in a variety of product development settings brought him his dynamic ability to successfully take products from concept to the market. With his additional experience in plastics design and molding and a strong work ethic, Bill brings his time-tested abilities in engineering and program management in his role as Engineering Manager at ThermoFab.

Over the years, Bill has honed his project modeling and conceptual design skills and become a leader in the product development field. His engineering abilities are enhanced by his successful record of project management and team leadership. In addition to his many technical responsibilities, he is a whiz at schedule management and budgeting.

Before joining ThermoFab, Bill was a Mechanical Engineer at David Clark and Company in Worcester, MA, where he was responsible for all mechanical aspects of new product development. He also served as the company’s technical liaison with the FAA, among other duties. Prior to that, Bill served as Program Manager at Product Genesis in Cambridge, MA. There he managed a multidisciplinary team of engineers who brought highly technical products from concept to market in the industrial, consumer, and medical equipment manufacturing industry. He has worked in a variety of management and engineering roles at Texlon Corporation, General Electrics Military Electronics Division, and IBM.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. He has also successfully completed several industry training courses and seminars and been awarded multiple patents.

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