Case Studies

life cycle case study

Unique Plastic Thermoforming Process Meets Design Constraints

For 454 Life Sciences Cost and Color are Key Factors

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diagnostic testing instrument case study

Diagnostic Testing Instrument Spins Away from the Competition

Advanced Instruments Looking to Create Product Enclosure as Innovative as Its Technology

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vision correction case study

Seeing is Believing

Avedro Offers Next Level of Vision Correction Technology with Equipment that Seamlessly Fits into existing Medical Suites.

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ADHD testing case study

ADHD Testing Unit Transformed from Clunky Cubicle to Dashing Chariot

BioBDx Turns Revolutionary Concept into Reality with Proper Design, Timing, and Budgets

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computer systems integration case study

In a Flash – Tight Deadlines, Specific Design Requirements, Busy Client… No Problem

Digimarc Relies on ThermoFab for Speed and Accuracy

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bezels case study

Enhancing Brand with Thermoformed Bezels

Project 13 and Studio Network Solutions Launch Video Storage Solution That Fits Seamlessly into the Existing Brand Family

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Ignite! Learning case study

Making Education Colorful: ThermoFab Helps Put COW Multimedia Curriculum in Teachers’ Hands

Ignite! Learning approached ThermoFab with Little Time and Big Design Challenges

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diagnostics testing case study

A Thermoformed Enclosure as Interesting as Instruments Inside

Tight Deadlines Met and Sleekness Added to “LaBella” Enclosure

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medical laser application

A Dream Team Becomes The Beauty Team

IBC Teams With ThermoFab To Deliver Medical Laser for Candela Corporation

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laboratory application

Enhanced Design, Small Footprint

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Chooses Plastic Over Sheet Metal to Help Create Compact Design

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instrument enclosure case study

Mad Dash to Put “Skins” on New Product

Prospect Biosystems Needs Notepaper Sketches Turned into Instrument Enclosure Quickly and Cost Effectively

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Titleist Launch Monitor case study

Performance Under Pressure: Titleist Hits Hole in One with New Launch Monitor®

Sleek Enclosure Protects Launch Monitor’s Sensitive Internal Equipment and Enhances Titleist Brand

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