Thermoforming of High Quality Custom Plastic Enclosures

A thermoforming, vacuum forming and pressure forming superhero? Meet our thermoforming superhero and how he saves the day for Kimball Karts in this video. Plus, go on a virtual tour of ThermoFab.

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Experience, flexibility, quality...the ThermoFab Difference:

  • Looking for faster turnaround from your manufacturing partner?
  • Seeking “true” low volume for your custom plastic enclosures?
  • Working on a tight time to market deadline that no one else believes is possible?

ThermoFab designs, develops and delivers the best heavy gauge custom thermoforming for your medical, industrial, computer and armed services products. We understand that innovative, competitive companies like yours depend on superior quality and durability, fast turnaround and exceptional service from your manufacturing partner – and you get it all when you choose ThermoFab. Need a designer? Learn how ThermoFab can translate your concepts into market-ready product.

ThermoFab also continues to be a valuable asset to designers in the transformation of intricate designs into superiorly detailed products. Our award-winning thermoforming process takes your 3D injection files to finished parts in just 4-6 weeks! Have a designer? Learn how ThermoFab has built strong partnerships with industrial and product designers.

Get incredible injection molded detail at thermoforming volumes – others may say they do low-quantity runs but ThermoFab really does. Our custom plastic enclosures perform under pressure, so you can too.

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