Performance Under Pressure™

ThermoFab’s custom plastic enclosure products showcase the endless possibilities for thermoforming your sophisticated, eye-catching products. Our superior, proprietary processes yield clean lines, sharp attention to detail, dramatic color and incredibly durable products – with the fastest time to market that only ThermoFab can achieve.

Thermoforming is a method of manufacturing plastic parts by preheating a flat sheet of plastic, bringing it into contact with a mold whose shape it takes. This can be done by vacuum, pressure, and/or direct mechanical force – each technique produces complex, custom plastic enclosures from flat sheet stock.

Pressure forming is a real asset to designers who require plastics parts with a crisp, high-quality look but don't have the volume to justify expensive injection-molding tooling.

Our plastic vacuum forming process, with its simplicity and tooling requirements, is perfect for your larger parts, for prototyping production parts and for annual production runs of up to 10,000 units.

Because our custom tooling, painting and shielding is done in-house, we’re able to provide you with maximum flexibility and lightening fast response times for your dock to stock, in-house assembly and other needs throughout the entire project.

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