ThermoFab is Detail Oriented

Creation of sophisticated plastic enclosure designs requires a manufacturer to combine three important factors: unique attention to detail, technical expertise along with a stellar level of quality. You’ll find all three when you work with ThermoFab.

We are committed to continually reinvesting back into our processes. In fact, ThermoFab Technologies, an arm of the business focused on research and development, is the result of this commitment. Our focus on innovation has allowed us to create a revolutionary, proprietary process that puts more action in the tool delivering details that other thermoforming companies cannot. Take a moment to look at the variety of details our customers have asked us to include in their products, we’re sure you’ll agree, ThermoFab is a cut above the rest.

Many details require ThermoFab to create custom processes. To find out if more detail can be built into your design, reducing the need for some secondary operations, send us your CAD files if we know we can manufacture them to our exceptionally high standards, we will submit them for a design assessment.

View our medical, industrial and computer portfolios for additional design aspects and assembled product views. Samples of product details are shown below.


Send us your CAD files today or contact us for a project assessment.