ThermoFab Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

Published On: July 13, 2023Categories: News

ThermoFab proudly announces the successful completion of its ISO 9001 certification. The company provides a unique process of plastic thermoforming, injection molding and fabrication solutions for complex custom enclosures that are used in the robotics & automation, medical device & life sciences and test & measurement industries.

ISO 9001 is widely regarded as a mark of excellence in the industry, representing the highest standards in quality management systems. By attaining this prestigious certification, ThermoFab reaffirms its dedication to maintaining the utmost levels of quality throughout all aspects of its operations.

The successful completion of the ISO 9001 certification audit is a testament to ThermoFab’s commitment to operational excellence and customer-centricity. By implementing robust quality management practices, the company aims to continuously enhance its processes, drive efficiency, and deliver superior value to its customers. ThermoFab’s ISO 9001 certification not only highlights the company’s ability to meet stringent quality standards but also reinforces its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality products and services while consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

“Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is a significant milestone for ThermoFab,” said Mark Rauenzahn, CEO of The Producto Group. “It validates our relentless pursuit of quality and reinforces our position as a trusted provider of thermoforming solutions. This achievement is a reflection of our dedicated team’s hard work and commitment to delivering exceptional products and services.”

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