Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my company’s injection-molding files?

Yes. Our expert CAD and tooling department routinely work with clients who come to us with injection-molding files. We use these files to deliver the detail and quality you seek in an injection molded part at the volumes you require. Upload your files here.

We aren’t working with a designer, but we have engineering specs. Can you help?

Yes! We will help you find the appropriate designer to turn your specs into the best design for manufacturing. Every one of our designers has hands-on tooling experience to fully understand your specific objectives, whether you are starting with partial CAD files, partial concepts or a large project that requires industrial or tooling design.

We desperately need SPEED to market. How fast can you turn around our product?

ThermoFab excels at tight deadlines. We go from design to finished part in 4-6 weeks. We consistently keep ahead of the competition in terms of fast turnaround times, flexible volumes, superior quality and unparalleled levels of detail.

What quality controls do you have in place?

ThermoFab is proud to offer maximum quality control and eliminate the risk of timeline mishaps, misinterpretation of your concept and other potentially expensive problems.

Throughout your part’s manufacturing, ThermoFab performs inspections every step of the way using stringent quality controls. Operating inspections in the WIP cycle are conducted at each station that your part travels through. We then offer a final inspection to ensure your product looks and performs exactly as you intended.

Can you match to a specific color?

Yes. ThermoFab uses a Dupont Spectramaster to ensure accurate color matching. Additionally, we offer a custom process to do specialized graphics and custom formulated colors to match your branding. View our product gallery for a look at the comprehensive range of colors we can achieve.

I am a designer working with a firm that needs a product manufactured. What steps would I take to work with ThermoFab?

It’s easy. If you have 3D Solid Models files, upload them here. Have some questions you’d like answered first? Just send us your questions now and we’ll get back to you quickly. We can easily transfer native Solidworks, step or iges. ThermoFab’s staff is comprised of industry veterans who bring a sensitivity to every design concept. We understand that functionality is top priority; however, a sleek and high-quality look is often just as important for many of our clients. Learn more about the ThermoFab Approach.

We need a small number of products produced. Can you handle low volumes?

Yes. We have clients who produce just a handful of large products, while others produce thousands of smaller products. ThermoFab has developed a niche in the market in terms of the volume flexibility we provide. From dozens of parts to thousands of parts, clients routinely tell us that, after calling other thermoforming companies, ThermoFab truly offers the lowest volume options with the fastest turnaround.

Additionally, our focus on lean manufacturing allows us to work with you based on how you plan your volumes through the year. Using a yearly blanket order with monthly releases, ThermoFab manages your deliveries with a 45-day rolling forecast. The forecast allows you to push-pull within a 45-day window, which gives you maximum flexibility to respond to market changes and growth within your product line.

We would like our parts have a lot of details on the undercut. Can thermoforming achieve this?

Absolutely. Because ThermoFab’s proprietary process places significant detail into your part’s exterior surfaces using action in the tooling design, undercuts are achieved with crisp, clean lines with no details spared. Our tooling techniques reveal detail, undercuts, and interior attachment features, with the level of precision you’re looking for. 

Other questions that we didn’t answer
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Our 6-Step Proprietary Approach

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