Rave Reviews

"Initially, what impressed me most about ThermoFab was their follow up. They followed up regularly and were persistent and professional. I had worked with another thermoformer before and was a bit reluctant based on that experience. However, working with ThermoFab was a breath of fresh air. They quickly got a good handle on my project and offered some great ideas — and they delivered on time and on budget!"

Buddy Doyle
Inventor of Kayak Condo

"We had a lot of experience with injection molding but not with thermoforming. ThermoFab's approach to thermoforming was very unique and it really fit our product needs. They have delivered superior quality product and more professional look over what we have received with other plastics techniques."

Marty Monihan

"It is important to find ways to differentiate products in the market. And in an industry where everything is boxy and made of sheet metal, you need to think about how to make your product stand out with a curvy, unique enclosure while maintaining the structural integrity required to hold all the critical components. This is exactly what working with ThermoFab helped me accomplish. They have created an incredible enclosure with a lot of structural integrity in amazing colors that really stand out. ThermoFab has done a phenomenal job!

Peter Bouza
Vision Analytical

"We were working with a highly unusual material for our industry and trying to push the limits of what we might be able to do with it. We looked at a few different plastics forming techniques and decided to see if thermoforming could work. I reached out to several companies to talk to them about what we wanted to accomplish, but ThermoFab was the only thermoformer that really took the time to seriously investigate how we might be able to accomplish our goals. They were willing to look outside the box and work closely with the supplier to understand what would be necessary to get the material to work for our application. They were very helpful every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend ThermoFab to any of my peers.

Dan Kamerling
Harris Corporation

“I would like to extend this formal thank you and congratulations to the team at ThermoFab for your outstanding support during the design and development of our new Ikoniscope enclosure.”

“The very first prototype enclosure was produced at record speed and with relatively minor modification sent directly to the American Society of Human Genetics 2006 show in New Orleans. I can personally attest that it was the most interesting instrument enclosure at the show, and made a very favorable impression with many of the most influential people in our business sector. This opinion is shared by the rest of the team here at Ikonisys (especially our Sales and Marketing folks) and is a reflection of the dedication and hard work of the team at ThermoFab.”

“We send you our warm thanks for a job well done!”

Joseph G. Turgeon, Vice President of Operations
Ikonisys Corporation

“After touring ThermoFab’s facility and learning more about your thermoforming capabilities, Medica’s engineers were confident that they could achieve specific industrial design elements at a competitive price structure for our product.

“ThermoFab worked extensively with Medica engineers to perfect a tight fitting door mechanism that is not commonly designed or manufactured using thermoforming techniques. Your staff’s help and expertise helped us push the limits of thermoforming and successfully implement the door mechanism to satisfy our customer’s industrial design requirements. ThermoFab is a great company to work with.”

Ivan Ma

“Compared to other manufacturers, ThermoFab does a much better job from the beginning. They always look at our drawings to make recommendations on manufacturability, their lead times are shorter, and their pricing is where I would expect. I am confident in their ability to make the parts – their level of quality is superior.”

Julie Watson, Senior Buyer

“When someone is considering ThermoFab they really need to go see the facility – it is very impressive. Often when you visit a manufacturing facility, you see a small case of samples they fabricate. At ThermoFab, you see an entire conference room of products and product pieces in a range of sizes and textures. It really makes you feel very comfortable they can deliver.”

Sonny Behan, Designer

"The quality of the products would suggest that ThermoFab has made substantial investment in their equipment and in advancing their tooling processes. They are able to produce detailed parts that look and perform more like injection-molded parts but with the flexibility to cost-effectively deal with lower production volumes. I have not seen this capability anywhere else."

Jim Bender, Manager of Industrial & Mechanical Design

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