Pressure Forming - Unparalleled Level of Detail

Pressure forming involved forcing a hot plastic sheet against a mold by introducing compresses air to the sheet's outer side. ThermoFab, the leading thermoforming provider, recommends pressure forming when your custom plastic enclosure requires features that cannot be achieved by vacuum forming alone.

Pressure-formed parts compare favorably to injection-molded parts. For smaller volume runs, pressure forming offers injection-molded quality and details. The pressure applied (up to 100 pounds per square inch) is approximately five times higher than with vacuum forming, which makes it possible to obtain highly detailed parts and textured finishes.

Pressure forming uses air pressure to achieve an unparalleled level of detail on the mold side and a higher quality finish that leads to sharp edges, undercuts, and other close tolerance details. The end result? You receive a product with the look and feel of an injection or structural foam molded part.

To find out if pressure forming is right for your products, contact us or send us your CAD files - we'll help you get from files to finished product in 4-6 weeks!

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