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Product Spotlight: ThermoFab product in the news!

ThermoFab created the sleek plastic enclosures for the online bots featured here.

Our story

Thermofab started in 1976 when Tom King and four colleagues left Sharpe plastics in Concord Mass to create early CAD and computer enclosures with cutting edge technology. After outgrowing leased space in Hudson and Marlboro Mass five acres were purchased in Shirley Mass in 1985. Combining 43,000 sf, five axis CNC for tooling and parts, in-house painting propelled us into a global market of medical and high tech enclosures. Leading us in operations for over 35 years Mike Vitols has implemented all of our technological advances in materials, Lean and manufacturing techniques that are second to none in the plastics industry. 

Meet the Thermofab Team


These photos show some of the first CAD enclosures we produced between 1978 and 1985