Turning Your Plastic Design Concepts into Reality

Great ideas are often born during the middle of the night, while taking a shower, or making dinner. Whether you've played around with a design on your own or you've brainstormed with your colleagues, ThermoFab can help turn your plastics design concepts into reality.

Providing the Best in Plastic Product Design Services

Because of our premier product design services, expert engineering, and plastic manufacturing, we pride ourselves in our ability to take your idea from concept to creation. We've created renderings and e-files from everything you could imagine, including sketches on cocktail napkins all the way to more sophisticated CAD files.

Plastic Design Resources

  • Read a case study on how we worked with a client from design concept to creation.
  • Check out our product design services page, which visually shows how one product went from concept to completed design.
  • Learn six questions you should think about before talking to a thermoforming company.

Do you have a sketch, a drawing, a CAD file, or a plastic design concept in mind? We can help get it moving. Fill out the brief form below or call us today.