Industry Focus: High-Tech & Thermoforming

September 2008

In our February issue, we discussed how well thermoforming works for medical and life science products. The same is true for the high-tech industry, which boasts some of the most exciting innovations in things like computers and office equipment, consumer electronics, and communications equipment.

Industry Focus: High-Tech & Thermoforming

The SiCortex SC5832 Of course, simply having cutting-edge technology inside your product isn't enough these days because of the visual society in which we live. Think of it like this: if you walked onto a car lot, and you saw only bolts and metal, would you buy it? Not likely. If you see something that looks fantastic, you're much more likely to consider what's "under the hood," so to speak, and hope that the fabulous-looking outside complements what's on the inside.

The same is true for high-tech products. And the beauty of thermoforming is that you can easily achieve the look you want--be it cool, sexy, sleek, sophisticated, or a combination--while maintaining your part's structural integrity.

Here are four ways thermoforming can add that "wow" factor to your high-tech product:

  1. Thermoformed parts can be color-matched. This ensures brand consistency. And even better are the thermoforming companies that handle painting in-house. This is more cost-effective and can eliminate delays.
  2. With proper design and engineering, thermoformed parts don't need to be "boxy" and boring. Studies show that when your sheet-metal enclosures are redesigned with curves and plastic, more products are sold.
  3. Thermoforming can cut down on your inventory. We all know inventory costs companies money. But if you work with a thermoforming company, such as ThermoFab, that operates on 45-day rolling forecast, you don't need to hold parts that haven't sold yet.
  4. Thermoformed parts can be easily modified based on feedback. It's trade show season, and, no doubt, you'll get feedback on your products--the inside and outside. Whether you need a color change, a design modification, or a different placement for your logo, a quality thermoforming company can work with you to make the changes you need--and meet your deadlines.

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ThermoFab in Action:
Enhancing Brand with Thermoformed Bezels

Studio Network Solutions Challenge: Creating a Bezel Design that Dazzles on the Shelf
Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specializes in the development of shared storage hardware and software solutions for the media and entertainment industry. When the company introduced Evo (TM), its "latest advance in complete shared storage solutions for video workgroups," it was well aware of the competitive storage arena. SNS decided to focus not only on the technological capabilities of its product, but also the design of the product's faceplate--or bezel--which will be visible on the rack with other components.

Solution: The Right Materials and Process Produce the Sharp Detail of the Bezel Design
ThermoFab's expert engineers worked through the design process with Richard Norris from Project 13, a creative design firm based in New York. ThermoFab reviewed his original illustrations, adding detail, and making suggestions before turning them into CAD files.

ThermoFab's strength and experience in collaborating on designs and "turning art to part" enabled extra detail to be built into the bezel. Once the design was complete, ThermoFab and Project 13 developed a 3D presentation for the President and VP of SNS. With the design set and approved, work began on materials, colors, and textures.

Results: Product Launch at Industry Shows Creates Buzz--and Bedazzlement
ThermoFab was able to produce the faceplate prototypes and have the bezel ready for the major industry trade shows in Amsterdam and Las Vegas. With the finished product on display and demoed at the shows, SNS was able to capitalize on the buzz generated and promote its new product to a wider audience. In today's competitive storage market, Evo (TM) stands out, not only for the technology it offers, but also for how cool it looks in the rack. What more could you ask for?

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