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2013 News

ThermoFab expands business sectors to include commercial off the shelf products for the armed services.

2012 News

ThermoFab creates an ask the expert page on the website.

2011 News


ThermoFab updates Website

Hot topics still include bezels, radomes, design and heavy gauge thermoforming.  Read about Heavy Gauge Thermoforming vs. Thin Gauge Thermoforming>> Read about Bezels>> Read Bout Radomes>> Read about Design>>

2010 News


ThermoFab Featured in PlasticsToday News Article

ThermoFab was one of 4 companies asked to provide insight into the state of thermoforming, including its technology and market predictions. Read the article featured in PlasticsToday>>


ThermoFab Updates Website

Hot Topic: Heavy Gauge vs. Thin Gauge Thermoforming.  ThermoFab updated the website so that engineers and project managers can find additional informaiton on this topic easily.  Read about Heavy Gauge vs. Thin Gauge Thermoforming>>

ThermoFab Wins New and Repeat Business

Ahura Scientific, Avedro and Transparent Technologies released new projects this month. A new business win with Ahura Scientific will produce a specialized tray used in airport screening.  Avedro has called on ThermoFab again to produce a new medical cart enclosure.  Transparent Technologies will produce additional server bezels for a specialized branded product. 


ThermoFab asked for input in PlasticsToday/MPW on a thermoforming article for the PlasticsToday Global Plastics Sourcebook. 

The article is expected to release in July. Stay tuned!


ThermoFab Wins Repeat Business from Leaders in the Medical Device Industries

ThermoFab, a manufacturer of custom plastic enclosures, announced recent repeat business from customers who are leaders within the medical device industry.  Read About Repeat Business>>

ThermoFab Releases Free White Paper to Help Business Better Evaluate Thermoforming Companies

White paper provides seven benchmarks to use when considering which manufacturing company can do the best job in helping to bring a thermoformed product to market. Read the Whitepaper>>


ThermoFab Take a "Next Generation" Product Into The 21st Century

ThermoFab announced today the work it recently completed on a new generation product for Spectro Inc., one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil and fuel analysis equipment. Read About This New Product>> 

Four Industry Leaders Select ThermoFab for Thermoformed Custom Plastic Enclosures 

These four wins demonstrate ThermoFab's strength in providing custom plastic enclosures in a wide range of industries for companies seeking exceptional detail and quality through thermoforming. Read About These Project Wins>>

ThermoFab Uses VISUAL Easy Lean to Hit 100% On-Time Performance

Synergy Resources, an Infor channel partner, is proud to announce that ThermoFab, hit 100% on-time performance. Read About This Performance>>

February: ThermoFab Introduces A Medical Enclosure That Looks As Good As It Functions
ThermoFab continues to make its mark in the medical industry by helping Avedro quickly deliver their innovative VederaTM KXS System used for performing the Keraflex® procedure. Read About This Medical Enclosure>> 

January: ThermoFab Kicks-Off 2010 Announcing Innovative Medical Enclosure Solutions
ThermoFab has showcased its newest product from BioBDx - the Quotient ADHD System - allowing patient assessments in the diagnosis of ADHD to be more rapid, precise, and objective. Read About Medical Enclosure Solutions>> 

2009 News

December:  ThermoFab Helps Brookfield Engineering Move To A Compact Custom Plastic Enclosure
ThermoFab has completed the delivery of Brookfield Engineering's Powder Flow Tester - helping Brookfield move from sheet metal to a plastic enclosure with a smaller footprint and more compact design. Read About The Compact Custom Enclosure>>

November:   ThermoFab President Speaks On Manufacturing Process Improvement
Tom King Presented Remarkable Process Improvements at Synergy Resources VISUAL User Conference  Read About Process Improvements >>

October:  ThermoFab Unveils Thermoforming Design Guide
Design Guide's Mission is to Help Customers Design for Manufacturing and Faster Time-to-Market  Read More About The Thermoforming Design Guide >>
Download Thermoforming Design Guide

June:  ThermoFab Helps Advanced Instruments Bring New Product To Market
Autoplate® Spiral Plating System Unveiled at 2009 American Society of Microbiology Show Read More About This Medical Device Release >>

April: ThermoFab Embraces Fun Marketing Concept.
ThermoFab Releases Its Thermoforming Superhero on YouTube Read Release >>

2008 News

November: Manufacturing Efficiencies Ensure Recover Speed
ThermoFab work featured in November Edition of Medical Design Technology. Read it here >>

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November: ThermoFab Expands Design Capacity
ThermoFab announces expanded design capability. In-House Product Design Services to Shorten Delivery Time to Customer with Increased Quality. Read Release >>

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October: PerkinElmer Chooses ThermoFab
PerkinElmer, a Massachusetts based company dedicated to improving human and environmental health through science, innovation and application, chose ThermoFab as their thermoforming of choice to bring a new product to market.

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September: Insight Technology Selects ThermoFab
Insight Technology, a leader in laser aiming and night vision equipment for the U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, chose ThermoFab to improve the design and functionality of one of their night vision solutions.

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September: Corindus Partners with ThermoFab & Farm Design
Corindus, a provider of intuitive robotic technologies for catheterization laboratories and radiology/special procedure suites, partnered with ThermoFab and FarmDesign on their second generation robot application.

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May: Innovative Therapies Inc. Selects ThermoFab
ThermoFab Inc., a thermoformer of custom plastic enclosures today announced the addition of a new client in the medical industry. Read Release >>

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May: ThermoFab Grows Relationship With Client of 30 Years
ThermoFab Inc announced that Advanced Instruments, Inc. of Norwood, MA has committed to a two year manufacturing agreement for one of their diagnostic and testing products. Read Release >>

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May: Insight Technology Turns to ThermoFab
ThermoFab Inc announced that Insight Technology of Londonderry, NH has selected them to redesign and manufacture the cases for their Night Vision and Fusion Goggles. Read Release >>

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2007 News

June: Titleist Selects ThermoFab
ThermoFab redesigns enclosure for Titleist's Launch Monitor.  Read Release >>

March: ThermoFab is a Winner!
ThermoFab Wins Best In Show! Read Release >>


Below you'll find some earlier news that we think you'll would want to know about:


ThermoFab cuts lead-times by 90%

ThermoFab has seen significant benefits from applying the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and implementing Infor's VISUAL DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) through their affiliate Synergy Resources.  Read more>>

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ThermoFab transformed its manufacturing process in 39 days.

By taking their practices to the next level, ThermoFab out does the competition in manufacturing speed. See Ad >> Download PDF of ad for easier reading >>

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ThermoFab sees dramatic improvement in work-flow.

ThermoFab recognizes that the Theory of Constraints (TOC) can differentiate the company from its competitors. Read Thought Paper >>

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Molded Perfectly Every Time!

ID Magazine Advertisement. See Complete Ad >>

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Manufacturing at Warp Speed

Manufacturing At Warp Speed can change the way you think of producing your product. Read the thought paper >>

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Podcast: ThermoFab President Reveals Corporate Innovations

Tom King, founder and President of ThermoFab, a Shirley, MA-based company that manufactures high quality plastic enclosures for the medical, industrial and computer industries was a guest on "The Better Process" podcast by Ken Rayment where they discussed ThermoFab's approach to staying ahead of the competition. Read Complete Release >>

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ThermoFab Defies Growing Trend Toward International Markets For Cost Saving Manufacturing

ThermoFab a US-based, plastic design and manufacturing company, has completed the delivery of Ignite! Learning's proprietary multimedia educational system, the COW, faster than international competitors' quotes. Read Complete Release >>

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