The Top Choice For Medical, Industrial and Computer Industries

You work in a demanding global marketplace that rewards innovation and fast time to market. ThermoFab understands the supreme level of design and quality that’s required for your products to perform as intended in the medical, industrial and computer industries.

That’s why we’re the best manufacturing partner available for visionaries like you in the medical, industrial and computer markets.

ThermoFab always recommends the type of plastic that will perform best for your unique product and application.


  • Flame-retardant ABS
  • Acrylic/PVC
  • ABS
  • PVC
  • GE Lexan
  • Bayer Polycarbonate
  • Acrylics
  • High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Starex

Typical Products

  • Equipment Housings
  • Shrouds
  • Covers
  • Bases
  • Bezels
  • Component Parts Internal Parts


  • Computers/Peripherals
  • Business Machines
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Biomedical Instruments

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