Thermoforming Glossary: Common Terms Defined

A production planning technique that helps manufacturers create production schedules that are protected from the adverse effects of "Murphy" events. Learn more about DBR and lean manufacturing at ThermoFab >>

EMI Shielding
Application of a protective copper substance to protect enclosed electronic products from electromagnetic interference (EMI). At ThermoFab, we do all shielding in-house to ensure the highest quality.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming
Thermofab provides heavy gauge thermoforming: the thermoforming of plastic enclosures with wall thicknesses ranging from .060-.310 inches. Heavy-gauge thermoforming involves a plastic part that in essence "becomes" the product. For example, think of your computer or a medical device at the hospital. The plastic enclosure not only covers and protects the delicate electrical components on the inside, but also makes the product look better. Read more about heavy gauge thermoforming vs. thin gauge thermoforming>>

Injection Molding
Process that involves heating plastic pellets or granules until a melt is obtained. The melt is then delivered to a split-die mold where it is allowed to cool into the desired shape. The mold is then opened and the part is ejected, at which time the cycle is repeated. Read about injection molding versus thermoforming >>

Plastic Enclosures
A custom plastic exterior cover that is manufactured by thermoforming, pressure forming, vacuum forming or injection molding. The plastic enclosure surrounds and covers electronic or electromechanical devices used in the medical, industrial or computer industries. Read more about custom plastic enclosures >>

Plastic Pressure Forming
Thermoforming technique that involves forcing a heat-softened plastic sheet against a mold, usually female, by introducing compressed air to the backside of the heated sheet. Learn More about Plastic Pressure Forming >>

Plastic Thermoforming
Method of manufacturing plastic parts by preheating a flat sheet of plastic and bringing it into contact with a mold whose shape it takes. Learn More about Plastic Thermoforming >>

Plastic Vacuum Forming
Automatic draping of a heat-softened plastic sheet over a female or male mold. Learn More about Vacuum Forming >>

Secondary Operations
Addition of inserts, mesh, and other features to custom plastic enclosures. ThermoFab's revolutionary process puts more detail in the original part reducing the requirement for secondary operations.

Thin Gauge Thermoforming
Thin Gauge Thermoforming - when you hear thin gauge - think thin plastic packaging.  We can't create thin gauge packaging here at ThermoFab because the typical thickness of thin-gauge ranges from .005-.030 inches. Read more about heavy gauge thermoforming vs. thin gauge>>


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