From Our Dock, Direct To Your Stock

Dock to Stock programs reduce duplicate work and deliver high quality assembled plastic enclosure product lines - - when you need it! This reduces inventory on your end and also meets your internal production and sales requirements.

We work closely with each client to develop a 45 day rolling forecast. We have dock-to-stock programs in place for high end medical, industrial and computer plastic enclosure systems. Some of our dock-to-stock customers include:

  • Teradyne, North Carolina
  • Motorola, Mexico
  • G.E. Medical, Maryland
  • Cisco, Canada, Mexico
  • EMC, Ireland
  • G.E., Massachusetts

To find out if our Dock to Stock programs are right for your products, contact us or send us your CAD files - we'll help you get from files to finished product in 4-6 weeks!

Send us your CAD files today or contact us for a project assessment.