Helping You Go From Ideas To Implementation

With over 37 years experience in plastic thermoforming, ThermoFab knows what’s required to take your design files and transform them into a product that your clients want to buy.

We work closely with you through every stage of the process to ensure you receive the expertise you need for product success. While many companies turn to outside service providers to complete the manufacturing process, ThermoFab’s in-house tooling, painting, EMI shielding and other custom processes provide a level of detail and quality that other companies can’t achieve.

Our team of experts works closely with product designers to review your designs and provide the tooling you need to ensure manufacturability. Our experienced in-house manufacturing staff then takes the lead to produce your custom plastic enclosures exactly to your specifications.

From design review to tooling to manufacturing to painting and shielding and even assembly, we have the quality systems in place to ensure your finished product delivers.

Assets to Designers

Send us your CAD files and we will complete a Design Assessment.

When you work with ThermoFab we will transform or adjust your files (including injection molding files) into the exact specifications needed for successful product development.

Performance Under Pressure™

Our trademark service and pressure-forming solutions include:

  • Easy conversion of your 3D files designed for injection molded parts

Contact us so we can help you take your designs from ideas to implementation.

Our extensive design experience offers you many benefits, whether you have your own designer or need us to serve that role. Our in-depth understanding of the design process allows us to translate industrial designs into superior finished products that exceed your expectations every time.

Send us your CAD files today or contact us for a project assessment.