Plastic Manufacturing: Recycling the box

Serina Arcila | Mon, Dec 23, 19 @ 08:00 AM | Thermoforming, ThermoFab

What do we do with the box when its empty?

In the the world today recycling is essential and it is important for manufacturing companies to do their part.

This can be difficult and could interfere with production. If not managed correctly it could effect cost or effect the flow of business. When it comes to proper recycling we know the biggest return is making a difference for our planet. 

At ThermoFab we manufacture plastic parts. We have a recycling process for the remnants but we know that's not the only material we can recycle.

We needed to have a process for the packaging material, mainly the corrugated boxes used for shipping and receiving. 

Many people are unaware that when it comes to recycling it is important to have a process in place. The materials need to be sorted, separated and organized. Much like how we separate the trash from recyclables at home.

The process we have implemented is simple. It allows for the best management of man power, time and is an efficient way to fill the container. 

When recycling at a manufacturing company occurs time is a key factor. The used material is stored in a central location and every two weeks a team of 5 to 6 associates loads to container. Staring with large to small, carefully folded they are able to fill a container with just over 1,000.00 lbs or corrugated boxes.  That averages to 24,000 lbs per year!


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