Plastic Manufacturing: Recognizing  Essential employees of manufacturing During a Global Pandemic

IMG_8939What do you do on Monday morning when you find out the world you once knew has been replaced with one filled with fear and an uncertainty? When a global pandemic arrives at our doorstep what can you do?

You wake up, get dressed, drink that first cup of coffee and go to work!

This was and continues to be the mind set of our team members at ThermoFab.

Hard working, dedicated associates who in spite of all that has taken place this year and continues to be a concern, report for their scheduled shifts everyday. 

When shut downs were ordered and millions where put out of work the question looming was would ThermoFab join so many other companies and have to close their doors?

As fate would have it manufacturing parts for medical devices would secure our company's business through the months ahead and we were deemed an essential business. 

Essential. Needed. A name given to doctors and nurses. People who are on the front lines saving lives are essential right?  How could manufacturing be considered essential. It became apparent not only were we essential for parts we manufacture but the people behind the scenes are essential. Just like grocery workers, truck drivers, and millions of others whos jobs have something our communities cannot be without,  our manufactures fell in line under the title Essential Employee! 

First steps made were to ensure Safety for all.

Everyone received  protective masks to were and temperature checks at all entrances began right away.

Hand sanitizer stations were set up and daily/nightly cleaning, sanitizing of the plant commenced.  Our new way of life began in an instant. 

Everyone embraced all the necessary steps needed to keep each other safe.   

In appreciation for their commitment and continued dedication we wanted to say thank you. Knowing we could not celebrate how we have in the past with a BBQ or buffet luncheon,  we got creative and found a fantastic local pizza place, Pizza Bella, to order individual lunches for everyone enabling us to practice social distancing and keep everyone safe. Menu's were handed out, orders were placed and at lunch time on the dot everyone had their very own personal lunch with their name on the bag! That's a lot of lunches! 

Thank you can go a long way when it comes to showing appreciation. A delicious lunch with sweet treats makes it even nicer.