Plastic Manufacturing: Big plastics recycling

Serina Arcila | Mon, Jan 06, 20 @ 09:00 AM | custom plastic enclosures

In the continuously growing concern for protecting our planet , Plastics manufacturers like us have to find ways to do their part; to keep harmful plastics out of our oceans and find ways to recycle. 

At ThermoFab we can proudly say we recycle!

Most plastics suffer from a bad reputation because they are often all categorized as single use. 

The plastics used for thermoforming at ThermoFab are not single use and are being recycled. 

We thermo form a majority of the parts from Kydex thermoplastic sheets. This form of polymer PVC has properties which allow for a sustainable life cycle that if combined with internal initiatives lowers the environmental impact greatly.

The formed parts have a life span of 50-70 years.  The "left-overs", or the parts that are cut away are collected to fill 1000 lb bins that are returned to the material supplier. The material supplier then recycles the material into new sheets. The cycle then begins again where it is used to make new parts. The suppliers are also making an impact on their carbon imprint by using sea water and natural gas to reform this multi-use plastic.

The manufacturers of the Kydex material we purchase for our thermoforming process have also found a way to use the extrusion/recycling process to redistribute heat to their facilities during the colder months, cutting down the use of the fuels previously needed to do so greatly. The material is lighter, reducing the cost for transport as well. Whether it be by ground or air the amount of fuel needed is reduced saving thousands upon thousands of trees. At the end of its life cycle the Kydex material is then burned as waste to energy rather than going to a landfill. 


We return over 80,000 lbs of scrap material annually. 

When it comes to making a difference every little bit helps. 

In addition to helping the planet by recycling what materials we can, we also take pride in knowing some of the parts that are being manufactured are used for medical, industrial and robotics advancements for mankind.  At ThermoFab we form plastic enclosures for biomedical testing, medical imaging machines, and organ transportation devices that are just as important to our planet as recycling is. 


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