Plastic Manufacturing: Shipping & Protecting Parts

Tips to keeping your parts safe from Dock to Dock.


 When you order parts you should feel confident that they will arrive in pristine condition. The scariest thing to see when your line is down and you are waiting at the door for your parts to arrive is a damaged package! 

Here are a few things to consider to ensure your parts will travel from point A to point B safety. 

Know your Courier Service. When it comes to a budget large companies often have contract agreements for shipping leaving the choice out of your control, however what's great for one branch may not be so good for another.  It pays to do your research. Common couriers in the industry are Fed-Ex, UPs, DHL Express, but there are also local couriers you can learn from your supplier.

It's important to familiarize yourself with fees and costs that may occur when shipping long distance or overseas. Quantity and weight can affect your delivery costs. Knowing amount of parts that will fit in a package or how much they weigh can make a huge difference if the shipping company charges more for weight. It might work to your advantage if you arrange more boxes with less weight in each box.

Ask the Manufacturer. Sometimes the company you are buying goods from knows the little details about a courier that you may benefit from. They get to know the drivers and vehicles. They can tell you if a company is on time or late. The relationships they build with couriers can be invaluable in times of part shortages or lines down. 

Is local an option- Going local doesn't only apply to your baker or candlestick maker. Choosing a local company can be rewarding with support of your community but also in savings as these companies are competing with the big guys so they will often give you a cheaper cost for shipping. You can also benefit by choosing local because they often cater to the suppliers and will make special arrangements with no additional costs. 

Work out some Guidelines- Packaging is an essential piece of the process when it comes to ensuring the parts will be safe as well. Check with your manufacturer to ensure they have the proper procedures in their shipping department to prepare your parts for a shipment. If you have a preferred amount of parts per case this can be arranged. If you would like minimal tape used or are ok with multiple parts in bags you can easily have these instructions followed by the company. 

At ThermoFab we understand the needs of our customers from our dock to yours. Whether it be simple plastic enclosures or sensitive medical enclosures our shipping team takes time to properly package all your parts. You can view information about ThermoFab at www.thermofab.com . For more information on purchasing or requesting a proposal you can email us at sales@thermofab.com or follow the link Request a Proposal.Shipping packagingTHERMOFAB shippingAndrew packaging partsbox wrapping