Medical Plastic Enclosure: Technological advancements in medicine.

Serina Arcila | Tue, Aug 27, 19 @ 08:52 AM

OCS Organ Care System

Thermofab team member works on lung enclosureThermoFab team member holds up lung enclosureIn the rapidly growing world of medical advancements Thermofab is proud to be part of this progress.

The OCS Organ Care System is a medical transportation unit used to bring a living organ from one location to another. Its purpose is to keep that organ warm with blood flow while it travels thousands of miles to reach its destination and help save lives. Transplant organs have always been transported in coolers on ice. Though this method has seen many successes, the tissue is in danger if the time the organs are placed in the cooler exceeds 6 hours. The OCS can now double the time an organ can be in transport.

OCSWhen considering the components for a transportation device for a living organ, every nook and cranny of the device needs to be carefully considered and manufactured to ensure the organ will be safe and make it from the donor to the person whose life is depending on it.

The enclosures are pressure formed from a clear poly-carbonate that enables visual monitoring of the organ being transported. Each cover is prepared in a clean room booth before being packaged. Medical devices such as these require specific sanitary handling.

With years of training and skills to handle specialty parts like the OCS cover our team dons white gloves to carefully handle and inspect each part and adds the final touches before shipping.

You can view additional medical enclosure designs as well as other parts we have manufactured if you visit our site at www.thermofab.com . For more information on purchasing or requesting a proposal you can email us at sales@thermofab.com or follow the link Request a Proposal.