Thermoforming Up Tick: Second Quarter Project Releases

Second Quarter Push: Up-tick in Project Releases 

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Protective Water Resistant Custom Plastic Enclosure

The 2nd quarter push is upon you.  Project releases have hit an up-tick. 

Contact ThermoFab by emailing us at design@thermofab.com or by calling 978-425-2311.   

ThermoFab can assist with engineering and any design for manufacturability challenges you face. 

We offer the fastest time to market design to manufacturing options.  

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Custom Military Project Assembly


If your engineering department is swamped: The ThermoFab design and engineering experts will help you attain your project manager's timeline goals for project release. 


If you already have a design, we will update your 3D model files or if you need a designer we can create an eFile or hand drawn industrial design rendering of your part. 




We've collaborated with our visually oriented clients to created renderings and e-files from everything you could imagine, including sketches on cocktail napkins all the way to more sophisticated CAD files.


 PSI Assembled resized 600

Custom Military Enclosure



Memorial Day: A tribute to all fallen soldiers who have sacrificed for our freedom.


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Headquartered in Shirley, Massachusetts: ThermoFab's manufacturing facilities provide one stop shop for design, engineering, tooling and custom manufacturing.  With 37 years of thermoforming experience, ThermoFab is well known for our Design, Develop, Deliver Services. 

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Please contact ThermoFab today at 888-494-9777 or  978-425-2311 for assistance with your custom heavy gauge thermoforming project.